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The following students (listed in alphabetical order) have been nominated

to the UWCs for the academic years 2023—2025:

  1. Aayusha Bohara – UWC East Africa, Tanzania
  2. Aman Jayswal – UWC Atlantic, UK
  3. Badal Gupta – UWC Changshu, China
  4. Deepa Sapkota - UWC Costa Rica
  5. Gaurav Pradhan – UWC Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  6. Grivan J Thapa – UWC Dilijan, Armenia
  7. Gyanmaya Tamang – UWC USA, USA
  8. Ishika BK – UWC Changshu, China
  9. Khushi Agrawal – UWC Atlantic, UK
  10. Khushi Pokhrel – UWC Thailand, Thailand
  11. Oshin Pandey – UWC Mahindra, India
  12. Paridhi Bhandari – UWC Maastricht, Netherlands
  13. Pradnya Pradhan - UWC Adriatic, Italy
  14. Riya Agrawal – UWC Mahindra, India
  15. Satviki Aryal –Waterford Kamhlaba UWC, Eswatini (Swaziland)
  16. Saugat Mishra – UWC USA, USA
  17. Sushovan Shakya – UWC Mostar, Bosnia
  18. Tenzin Norbu Lama – UWC Red Cross Nordic, Norway
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